Creating Innovative Applications

Available Applications


BloodLoss A blood loss calculator suitable for immediate and convenient access. The ABL Calculator uses the information you submit to determine your patient's allowable blood loss for his/her lowest HCT (Hematocrit).
This application contains an automated tool based on the “Allowable blood loss formula”: Allowable Blood Loss = [Estimated Blood Volume *(Initial Hemotacrit-Lowest acceptable Hematocrit)]/Initial Hematocrit

Our product is useful for a wide range of medical practitioners including, but not limited to anaesthesiologist, surgeons, trauma surgeons, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, residents and medical students.

Whether used in a clinical setting or for educational purposes the intent of the ABL calculator is to provide a fast calculation tool, rather than any form of guideline, and is not a substitute for clinical judgement.


Sophistify Have a sentence or paragraph that sounds boring and uninspired? Use Sophistify to take it to a different level ... Mundane, Interesting and Erudite. It is not perfect, but it sure is FUN!!! It will not do your homework for you, but it will make you laugh or maybe you will even learn a word or two :)


LendClock If you ever forget who did you lend that book to or feel awkward asking for the $20 back from your co-worker - this app is for you. Keep a list of all the things that you loaned to others. Save the date when the items are due to be returned. Get notifications when you have past due items in your list and send text messages or emails to people who need to return them.


JAM Will you take on the challenge of being Julia's sorcerer's apprentice and create spectacular fractal art forms. Can you combine the right ingredient with the right inspiration to transmute into the most amazing pictures. With 4 ingredients, 65,536 colors, and limitless sources of inspiration you can bring into existence a virtually infinite number of mesmerizing images